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Food delivered with care from your favorite restaurants

on autopilot

Build your personalized menu

Each member of your household can build a menu of meals from your favorite local restaurant. You will only receive meals from your personal menu.

Set up recurring autopilot

Choose the day(s) of the week that you want food delivered.

Food arrives on schedule

Your favorite food will be delivered to your doorstep on your autopilot schedule, without you ever having to go back into the app.

Autopilot Ordering

Let a local restaurant take care of you

On the Five Loaves app, you are personally taken care of. It's as if the team at your favorite restaurant is saying, "Let us take care of some of your meals, so that you can focus on the important things."

The Five Loaves experience is as close as you'll get to dining out from home.

You can expect a consistent experience curated by your local restaurants, delivered with care.

Set it and forget

Set up once, food keeps coming

You'll save the time and hassle of gathering your family, deciding which restaurant to order from, and getting everyone's orders into an app.

Spend a few minutes configuring everyone's favorite food, and you never have to go back into the app. Use the extra time you save every week for more important things.


Help local restaurant survive

Your repeat business will help provide consistency for your favorite restaurants to count on in these trying times.

With other third-party delivery apps, restaurants pay hefty commissions from the money you're spending on their food.  With Five Loaves, restaurants keep the money you spend on their food.

Interested in becoming a restaurant partner?

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Coming soon to iOS and Android